How to improve Android battery life - Poco x2/x3

Smartphones continue to get faster, and every update comes with a host of new features that promise to make your life easier. But this technology can also sap your battery life, causing you frustration.

How to improve Android battery life - Poco x2/x3

If your Android™ is draining faster than normal, don't panic. At Asurion, our experts help millions of customers resolve phone repair issues like this every day using simple solutions. Here's their guide on what causes Android battery drain and how to fix it.

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How can I reduce battery drain on my phone

  •     Let the display of your mobile turn off sooner
  •     Reduce the brightness of the mobile screen
  •     Set the brightness to change automatically
  •     Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations
  •     Restrict notifications of unnecessary apps
  •     Turn on adaptive battery or battery optimization
  •     Delete unused accounts and apps

Why is my phone's battery draining when not in use?
Even if you are not using your phone, there are certain processes running in the background that slowly drain its battery, which is normal. Also, if your phone’s battery has become old and worn out, it is likely to drain faster.

Using While Charging

Don’t do this. If you are always using it while charging it, the battery will be overheating which is one of the reasons that the phone battery can’t work in long term. And it will half the speed of charging the phone.

Too Hot or Too Cold

The phone battery will drain quickly when it’s hot or cold because extreme circumstances will make the phone not work or kill the battery immediately. And even if you fixed the battery drains issues, you can also try some ways to improve Android battery life.

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