How Do I Hide A Folder In Android Gallery?

 On your Android phone, you may have a photo folder you’d like to keep hidden from curious eyes and prevent it from appearing in your gallery.

The method below is one of the safest ways of hiding a folder. This not only prevents the contents of the folder from being displayed in gallery apps, but it also prevents the directory from being shown in file managers.

How Do I Hide A Folder In Android Gallery?

Steps to hide photos, videos in File Manager:

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on your Android device.

  •     Open File Manager.
  •     Click on Menu > Settings.
  •     Toggle on Show hidden files.

  •     Next, open File Manager > Settings.
  •     Toggle off Show hidden files. The folder you created won’t be visible in File Manager. You can toggle on Show hidden files whenever you wish to see the hidden photos and videos.


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