Poco x3 Rear Camera Not Working Solution

Gcam mod is a working mod version for Google Camera or Pixel Camera. Since Google Camera wasn’t created to work on all phones, this app allows you to install it irrespective of your device.

Poco x3 Rear Camera Not Working Solution


POCO X2 aka POCO F3 is one of the devices that supports GCAM. The Camera2API on this device is set to LEVEL_3. In other words, GCAM on this device supports YUV reprocessing, RAW image capture, and more. However, not every version is working properly on it. I’ve tried more than 20 different GCAM versions and none of them worked properly. However, I recently installed a GCAM version and it worked properly. Every feature in it worked just fine and I haven’t faced any issues with it. It’s close to the perfect version that I found for my POCO X2 aka POCO F3.

If you are fond of taking photos, then you must have felt like using Google Camera at some point in your mind because very good photos come from the application of Google Camera. If your phone’s camera quality is working and good photos are not coming from it, then use Google Camera in it. Using Google Camera increases the quality of the photo.

Today I will tell you how to install Google Camera on Poco X3 with the help of this article. Your Poco X3 must-have Camera 2API enabled before you can install Google Camera. If Camera 2API is not enabled on your phone then Google Camera will not be installed.


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