How to Check Used Samsung Smartphones Before Buying

 Ask The Seller For The Device Purchase Receipt.Since there isn’t a concrete way of finding out if an Android phone is stolen or not, you can ensure that it’s not by asking the seller for a valid purchase receipt. If the seller refuses to provide a valid receipt, refuse to buy.

How to Check Used Samsung Smartphones Before Buying

If you think the seller is speaking the truth, ask them for the original retail box of the device and cross-check the IMEI number on the box with the IMEI of the phone. If you know how to see the IMEI on an Android device? Open the dialer and dial in the USSD code *#06#. This will display the IMEI of your device.

Check Used Samsung Smartphones

1. Open the Dialer (Phone) app on your Samsung phone.

2. Type this code *#0*# (there’s no need to tap on the Call button).

3. You will see a secret diagnostic menu with many options to test the phone’s display, speaker, camera, mic, all sensors, etc.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions one by one.

Test If All Internal Components Work

Patience is the key to buying a good second-hand device. As soon as you get the device in hand, check if the following things work or not.

  • Power and volume rockers
  • Charging port (Connect the cable and test if the device is charging)
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Proximity sensor by making calls and ambient light sensor by switching on automatic brightness and covering the phone’s top.
  • The phone’s bottom-firing speaker

thier are very few simple steps to check used smartphones is working perfectly or not

  1. # check its screen
  2. # touch paid
  3. # power on off keys
  4. # volume keys
  5. # camera front and back
  6. # finger print sencor if applicable

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