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Today, we have for you the latest Google Camera 8.4 APK. Unfortunately, this isn’t a mod so you won’t be able to simply install it on any device. This version is specifically made for the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones and might work with other Pixel phones. If you are a Pixel 6 user and haven’t received the update through the Play Store yet, you sure are missing out on a lot of features. This is why in this quick guide, we will be going over the several new features that the latest Google Camera 8.4 APK brings with itself and how you can install it on your device.

Download Google Camera 8.4 APK with new Pixel 6 Pro features

What’s new in the Google Camera 8.4 APK?

There isn’t anything radically new in the latest Google Camera 8.4 APK, but it does have tons of improvements in the existing camera features for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Some of the most impressive improvements that the latest update brings to the Google Camera app are listed below:
1. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser was easily the most talked-about feature during the launch of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro smartphones. While the concept of using AI to remove unwanted specs of dirt and spots in photos isn’t anything new (Photoshop has been doing this for years), the Magic Eraser feature on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro just takes this to a whole new level.

First off, it is much faster and easier to select the things you want to get rid of from your photo, and secondly, the results are impeccable, to say the least. You can remove entire human beings from a photo without making it look unnatural or edited – that’s how good it is. With the new update, the Magic Eraser has gotten even better.

Download Google Camera 8.4 APK

As we have mentioned before, this isn’t a modded GCam version of the camera app and won’t work with any device out there. This update was extracted from the Pixel 6 Pro and is an official update meant for a particular model. However, since the other Google Pixel phones have a similar architecture, you may try installing the APK on your older Pixel device to see if it works.

You can download the latest Google Camera 8.4 APK by following the download link below:


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