How to Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Bot Chrome Extension?

Now I have already given you a glimpse that if you want to hack Kahoot you can use chrome extensions, Kahoot auto answers, bots etc. But all these are essentially third-party tools.

How to Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Bot Chrome Extension?

They are just enablers for you to hack your way into doing something, not actually hacking. Kahoot is designed using Javascript and PHP, and I will not be telling you any workarounds for this. Third-party software and tools can help you achieve your target here and the best way to do it is by using a Kahoot Hack Chrome Extension.

  • Download Kahoot Bot Chrome extension from here (Unfortunately Kahoot Bot Chrome Extension has been removed from Google Chrom Store)
  • Now, install the Kahoot Bot extension on your browser
  • Note down the Kahoot pin and Enter the Game pin from your Kahoot game
  • Choose prefix the bots will have (ex. Bot prefix would load Bot1 Bot2 Bot3…)
  • Select how many bots you want
  • Click “KASPAM”
  • That’s it! I hope this Kahoot hack extension worked for you.

Other Kahoot Bot Chrome Extensions

Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Ninja

  • Visit Kahoot Ninja Website from here
  • Now, enter Game Pin and Name
  • To retrieve an answer you have to log in. So enter Kahoot username and Kahoot password
  • At last, click on Initiate Hack.
  • I hope this Kahoot Ninja worked for you.

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