How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1054

Zoom Error Code 1054: In the time of this Pandemic, where everyone has advised to stay at home, everything has asked to shut down as people cannot go out to work.In countries like the United Kingdom,


How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1054

United States, India, the Pandemic wave has struck the hardest, and people have been advised to stay inside and continue their work from home.

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1054

If this error code is bothering you and you want to resolve this, then you have to update your password. After updating you can increase its expiration limit too. Now, if you know how to update or change your zoom account password, you can skip this guide, and if you don’t, then we have explained the steps to update or change the password below.

What are other alternatives to avoid this error?

There is no avoiding Zoom Error Code 1054, and this is a security measure that all users have to change their Zoom account passwords compulsorily. There are easy ways to handle this new security option.Zoom has an option for users to set an expiration alarm for 30 days also for 60 days and can go up to 90 and 120 days.

What do people think of the zoom error code 1054?

As this error is only for user safety, it makes user account strong and stop hacking, public reaction is normal, but some are frustrated with this error because when this error first occurs, they don’t ‘have no idea What to do.

How can the password be changed?  

  • It is effortless to change the password; follow the below steps.
  • Browse the Zoom website or go to the app if you’re using your phone.
  • When you see a sign-in option, select that, and below, there will be a ‘forgot password’ option.
  • To avoid the Zoom Error Code 1054, enter your linked email address, and Zoom will send a link to that email.
  • After receiving the link, click on it; this will redirect you to enter a new password.

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