How to fix mic glitch in pubg mobile

 PUBG is a battle royale shooter that pits one hundred gamers against every other in a battle for survival. If you are playing Duo or Squad Mode in PUBG, you understand simply how essential being able to talk with your teammates can be. Relaying information about enemy positions, available loot, or simply making plans for your protection in opposition to an incoming opponent, the quality way to keep in contact is the voice chat.

How to fix mic glitch in pubg mobile

PUBG gives you a choice thru which you may communicate with your buddies all through the game. Sometimes PUBG has a mic malfunction which can be sincerely bad. If you get stuck in a game you cannot talk to your friends while this glitch occurs. 

There are even plenty more errors associated with Mic glitch itself like awful quality voice, the mic does now no longer begin issue, mic now no longer working, and many others which have been said through many players following are the top Eight Methods to Fix Microphone Problem in PUBG Mobile:

  • Check and Replace Earphones
  • Activate the microphone from game settings
  • Allow PUBG Mobile to record audio
  • Update the game
  • Switch to Airplane mode
  • Make your friend the leader
  • Use other ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Restart the game

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