How to Fix: Disney Plus Error Code 41

When you are having trouble streaming tv shows and movies on Disney Plus, it is common to have error 41. There can be several reasons for this, but the prime reason is unavailable server or rights management issues. The rights management issue is when you are streaming geo-restricted content. In such a case, it is better to use a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN and check if the problem persists.

How to Fix: Disney Plus Error Code 41

How to Fix Error Code 41 on Disney Plus

1. Check the Status of the Server
2. Try Switching Between Other Movies and TV Shows
3. Reduce Playback/Video Quality
4. Check If the Internet is Working
5. Turn off VPN or Switch to a Better VPN
6. Clear Browsing Data
7. Clear App Data

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 41

In some cases, you can fix Disney Plus error code 41 by attempting to play the video again. It seems the app will occasionally get hung up during the loading phase before timing out completely. It’s a quick and easy solution, so it’s worth a shot.

Otherwise, you’ll want to run through some of these troubleshooting tips:

  • First, try playing another video to make sure it’s not a digital rights issue. If code 41 continues to appear, the problem lies elsewhere
  • Restart your streaming device
  • Power cycle your wireless modem, router, or gateway. A full restart seems particularly helpful in fixing error code 41 on Fire TV devices
  • Disable IPV6 within your router
  • Temporarily connect Disney Plus through a mobile hotspot, then swap back to your in-home network
  • Check DownDetector to see if Disney Plus servers are experiencing an outage
  • Finally, try playing Disney Plus video on another device to rule out other network issues

Logging out and logging in

In a web browser
Step 1: Open your browser and go to

Step 2: Click the logout option next to your profile avatar in the upper right corner.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select Log Out of All Devices

Step 4: To confirm, enter your password.

Step 5: Now go to your profile, log in using your credentials, and browse for the show or movie you wish to watch to see id the Disney plus error code 41 is fixed.

On the phone

Step 1: On your phone, open the Disney Plus app.

Step 2: In the lower menu, tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: To log out of this device, select log out.

Step 4: You can also choose to log out of all of your devices.

Step 5: To confirm your logout, enter your password.

Step 6: Now log back into your Disney Plus account to see if fix Disney plus error code 41.

Restart your streaming device

Sometimes the video playback problem is related to your streaming device. Therefore, we need to restart our streaming device to correct the Disney Plus error code 41. If you are using a mobile device or PC, just turn it off and start over. After the reboot, open Disney Plus and try playing the same video again.

Reinstall the Disney + app

If you are facing this error on a mobile phone or television, you can try to correct the error simply by removing the Disney Plus app and reinstalling it. It will remove the unwanted cache and corrupted data from your device. After installation, try to play the same video again and check whether the error still occurs or not.

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