how to fix android phone heating issue

Some of the common causes of phone overheating — such as malware, rogue apps, and overactive background processes — are more common on Android devices. If your Android device or battery regularly gets too hot, read on to learn how to turn down the heat.

how to fix android phone heating issue

Your phone can overheats for one or more of the following reasons:

Intensive gaming

A phone can get hot if you play graphically demanding games or casual games for too long.

Content streaming

Streaming YouTube or Netflix is a stressful task for your phone. If you watch content for hours at a time, expect your phone to warm up.

Excessive apps

A large number of open apps can not only slow down your phone but also considerably increase its temperature.

High brightness

The brighter your phone, the harder its battery has to work, emitting heat in the process.

Malware infection

Some malware strains can put your phone’s processor under undue strain, causing the phone to overheat.

Faulty battery or charger

A faulty battery or charger can heat up your device even after moderate use.

To fix the heating problem of your device please follow the given steps:

1. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, hot spot, WiFi, Auto-sync when not use

2. Turn on auto-brightness adjust.

3. Clear background Apps and tasks.

4. Limit the App self-starting in the phone manager.

5. Don't download too many apps at the same time.

6. Don't put the phone in the bedding/ plush items, better not use a particularly thick phone protector.

7. Restart your device.

8. If the weather is very hot, it will also affect the heat dissipation of the phone.

9. If the phone worked on the poor internet signal for a long time, will also cause heat and power consumption.

Gaming for long periods of time

The sheer breadth of available mobile games is arguably one of the best reasons for buying a smartphone. However, high-intensity gaming apps use your phone’s central processing cores in addition to its graphics processing unit (GPU), which can make your phone warm up

Update System Software

The system software can also solve heating issues on Android so you must update it whenever you see new updates. The manufacturer knows that your smartphone may suffer from the heating issues and they might fix up in the next updates. To update to the latest Android software, go to Settings -> About -> Updates.

Remove the Phone Case: Sometimes, your phone too needs to breathe. By removing its case, you can help the phone to cool down faster especially if the weather is torrid and stuffy. 

How to fix Android phone overheating issue

Here you will get some of the best tips and tricks on how to cool down your Smartphone when it gets heated up frequently.

So try to follow those ways carefully and stop your Android phone from overheating.

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