How to use Telstra Air in Australia and overseas

As a Telstra home broadband customer, you’ll need a compatible Telstra Home Gateway (or modem) which allows a portion of your service to become part of the Telstra Air network, effectively making your home a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to use Telstra Air in Australia and overseas

This does not mean that strangers have access to your private network; it’s more like setting up a ‘guest’ access.

Telstra has said that it limits the number of people who can access your home’s hotspot at any given time, as well as the speeds they can achieve. 

Plus the amount of data on the public network does not count against your monthly data quota. So it ideally shouldn’t impact your private use, although you could register lower speeds at home if your network is being accessed as the same time as you.

In return, Telstra gives these customers free access to Telstra Air across the country and overseas.

Home broadband users can deactivate Telstra Air at any time by logging into Telstra 24x7 My Account and selecting their home broadband service.

Connect your device(s) manually

If your device isn’t compatible with WPS, or you want to connect to Wi-Fi manually:

  • Turn on your device’s wireless (Wi-Fi) receiver
  • If you’re not sure how, check your device’s user manual. You can usually turn Wi-Fi on by going to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Networks’
  • You’ll see a list of available Wi-Fi Networks

Select the wireless network shown on your device, and input the password when requested. You can often find this on your modem. Or on the Wi-Fi security card that came with your Telstra-supplied modem.

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