How To Fix Windows 11 Camera Not Working

As we mentioned above, fixing webcam and camera issues on Windows 11 could come down to a few settings, drivers or Windows updates, and the steps below should get you started.

How To Fix Windows 11 Camera Not Working

Check for camera On or Off switch

Some laptops and camera devices have a physical switch that turns the camera on or off. When the webcam button is turn to off, Windows won’t recognize that there’s a camera installed. Turn if back on for Windows to see the camera again.

If your device doesn’t have a switch to turn off or on, then continue to the next steps. 

How do I fix my Camera not working 

If you are facing trouble starting your Webcam or it is not working properly, try out these solutions in exact order, and check if this helps to fix Windows 11 camera.

Restart your PC

A sudden change on the operating system like installing new apps, updating Windows, etc. might cause existing programs to behave inappropriately. It is therefore advised to reboot your PC after performing any changes to your device. To do so, use these steps –

  • Close all running windows on your laptop.
  • Press Alt + F4 and choose the option – Restart.

Click OK so that your device reboots afterward. 

Update the Webcam driver to the latest firmware

Most of the hardware accessories give trouble due to driver incompatibilities. Drivers are manufactured to ensure and maintain interaction and communication well between software and external hardware devices. If you are getting Windows 11 Camera not working, the first thing that comes to mind is driver outdated.

Windows 11 has easier ways to update any driver thereby settling down the compatibility issues right away. Here are the guidelines to update your webcam driver –

  • Right-click on the – Start.
  • Select – Device Manager.
  • From the app homepage, look for Camera device.
  • Click it to expand the branches.
  • Note – if you are unable to find the Camera, locate Sound, video, moreover game controllers and double click to expand the ‘Imaging’ section.
  • Right-click the – Camera driver.
  • Select – Update driver.

  • Scroll down until you find the Additional options section then click on Optional updates.

  • Now click on the Driver Updates option then select all the driver updates you are presented and lastly click on the Download & install button.

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