Assassin's creed brotherhood not working

Many of the problems with games launching happen because of improper installation. Check, if there was any error during installation, try deleting the game and run the installer again, but before install don’t forget to disable antivirus – it may often mistakenly delete files during installation process. It is also important to remember that the path to the folder with a game should contain only Latin characters and numbers.assassin's creed brotherhood not working windows 10

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assassin's creed brotherhood not working windows 10

You also have to check whether there is enough space on the HDD for installation. You can also try to run the game as an administrator in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows

Black of black screen in the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The most common issue with black screen is a problem with your GPU. Check to see if your video card meets the minimum requirements and install the latest drivers. Sometimes a black screen is the result of a lack of CPU performance.

If everything is fine with your hardware and it satisfies the minimum requirements, try to switch to another window (ALT + TAB), and then return to the game screen.

Assassin\'s Creed Brotherhood and Windows 10 (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood)

When I switched to Windows 10, I could not start the Brotherhood, as it gave an error 0xc000007b. Already reinstalled DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, NET Framevork, Nvidia drivers and the game itself several times. I ask for help from those who at one time were able to solve this problem.


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