How to fix Telegram File Not Showing In File Manager

This cloud-based messaging app works like other apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, however, it focuses more on speed and privacy. This way Telegram becomes a better option than other popular instant messaging Apps. It became more popular among the masses when WhatsApp came up with changes in its Privacy Policy.

Telegram file not showing in file manager.Users say Telegram downloads are not visible from any file manager app. It’s really annoying for the people who use the app to download multiple files every day.

You can download a file and go to the Telegram folder to see for yourself whether the file you just saved is there or not. The problem seems to affect those on Android 11.telegram file not showing in file manager

Downloaded files (cache folder) are not visible from File Manager apps

  • Open the File Manager on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Android folder.
  • Now, select data under Android.

  • If you see a message like The contents of this folder can’t be displayed here due to Android 11 restrictions.
  • Click on the View in Files option.
  • Now, again select Android >> data >> org.telegram.messenger.
  • Click on the files option and then select Telegram.
  • Here, you will see all the media files of Telegram including Audio, Documents, Images, and Videos.
Android - data - org.telegram.messenger. -files - telegram
  • Done, from here you will see all the Telegram media files easily. However, if you are not able to find the folder, follow the second method to download the media files in your File Manager.

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