Clash of Clans not opening black screen

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Clash of Clans black screen issue

Stuck at a black screen as the game refuses to load? Well, you’re not the only one facing the issue as many users have had come across this problem at some point while playing the game. Again, the fix is simple and you can have the game up and running in no time.

To fix the ‘black screen of death’ issue on the CoC app, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and then select Apps and Notifications.
  •  Click the ‘Clash of Clans’ app.
  • Select Storage and then tap on the ‘Clear cache’ option.
  • Now, go back and tap on the ‘Force stop’ button.
  •  Restart the app.

So basically when you try to open the game it gives you a jet black screen with nothing happening. Well, that is exactly the black screen issue! So to deal with this problem there is no specified or proper way but this one trick might help you. All you have to do is long-press the Clash icon on your home screen, pull it to the top of your screen, and select “App Info”, and then click force close.

Try not to reboot your device because it will only provide a short term solution and then the glitches will continue.

Force Stop App and Reboot

This technique works in solving most of the app issues. Users need to reboot the app first. If the app doesn’t work then force stop the app first and reboot the app Again.

Clear all recent tabs on your phone (Double press the home button or, tap on the tabs icon on layout). Tap on Close All!

Reboot the app and check it works or not! I don’t then follow the sequence below.

Settings > Apps > Clash of Clans > Force Stop.

Reboot the app again, hopefully, it will work fine.

Clear Cache

Clearing cache clears the junk, residual files of an app from the phone whereas, Clear All Data deletes the app-related data on your phone. So, make sure your data is properly backed up.

  •     Tap on Settings.
  •     Select Apps/Application Manager.
  •     Tap on Clash of Clans.
  •     Select Storage.
  •     Tap on Clear Cache.

If clearing cache didn’t fix Clash of Clans, Black Screen or not working issue, try clearing all data after backup.

  •     Go to the Settings.
  •     Head to the Apps/Application Manager.
  •     Select Clash of Clans.
  •     Go to the Storage.
  •     Tap on Clear All Data.

Apart from rectifications this also speeds up the phone performance. So make sure to clear caches of all apps at least 2 times a week.

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