Red Redemption 2 not launching or opening

You should first check to make sure that your Rockstar Games launcher is updated to the latest version. The developer recently published an update to the launcher that helped to lessen the instances of the PC game not launching correctly. Secondly, you can try and set your renderer to DirectX12 instead of the game's default of Vulkan API in your graphics settings. Finally, individuals should make sure that their graphics card has all of the latest video drivers installed to make sure your device is running optimally for the game. 

red redemption 2 not launching or opening

Update your Rockstar Games Launcher

Rockstar keeps releasing updates to its launcher, which possibly fixed some bugs related to the game launching issues. So it is recommended to update your Rockstar Games Launcher.
1) Close any Rockstar games and the launcher. Right-click on the Rockstar Games Launcher icon if it’s still in the Windows Taskbar.

To make sure you’ve completely exited from the launcher, you can go to Task Manager to check if it’s still running in the background.

2) Restart your launcher and allow any updates to apply.

If you’ve had your launcher updated and still can’t launch the game, try the next fix.

Configure Windows 10 for clean boot.

Performing a clean boot can also help. Doing so will stop any unwanted services and prevent some software from interfering with the Rockstar Games launcher. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open the Start menu then type Run.
  • Click on Run app from the search result.
  • On the Run dialog box, type msconfig and press Enter.
  • On the succeeding window, click to open the Services tab then click to mark the checkbox before Hide all Microsoft services.
  • After checking the box, click the Disable all button.
  • Next, click to open the Startup tab then click the link to Open Task Manager.
  • On the Task Manager screen, right-click on each startup item then click Disable.
  • Close the Task Manager then get back to the Startup tab of the System Configuration window then click the OK button.

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