how to use wps wpa tester in android 10 without root

Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER is a popular Android app which is widely used for hacking Wi-Fi passwords. Wi-Fi WPS TESTER app hacks only those routers that connect with WPS router with limited features. Hacking Wi-Fi using this app is so easy and only requires follows few steps. 

The best part of this application is that you can use it without rooting your Android phone. You can also use this app on a rooted Android phone with some extra features.How to use old Android phone as WiFi extender

Wpa Wps Tester Premium v4.0.3 Build 139 Patched APK

Using this Android app, you can easily check the wireless security and strength of your router. If the router is not secure, then the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER app easily bypasses Wi-Fi password on your Android phone. After skipping the password, it connects the Android phone with the router without providing a password.

Wpa Wps Tester Premium v4.0.3 Build 139 Patched APK

Step 1 :

Download “WIFI WPS WPA TESTER” from google play store.

Step 2 :

After installation, for first time you have to grand GPS permission to Wps Wpa tester for Wi-Fi scanning. Press “Ok” button.

Step 3 :

The after allow turn ON or OFF Wi-Fi permission to android manager.

Step 4

You will see three colors Green, Yellow, and Red if any Wifi Network shows Red in color then that connection can not crack by this App because of its Security which is in WPA/ WPA2.

 But if it shows Green then you can connect with that network by this application just select that Green Signal Connection then you will see some warning is that " Are you Authorized to test D-Link? App was born for educational purposes only and not for testing on unauthorized Networks. You are the only one responsible for misuse of this App", after reading this touch on the "Next" Option.

Step 5

You will see many ways to connect with that wireless network, you just need to select the "PIN (Connect Automatic with trying all Pin)" option. After that, this application tries all the PINs to Connect with your Device automatically.

Step 6

When the process will be completed that you have connected with that WiFi network. but if you want to see their Password then this is only possible with Rooted Android Devices. if you have a rooted device then you can see their password.


Wpa Wps Tester Premium v4.0.3  APK

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