How to Make Windows 11 Bootable USB in Windows 11

There are many bootable disk creation tools available on the internet, including Microsoft’s Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. However, for this guide, we are going to use a freeware called ‘Rufus’ to create a bootable USB.

There are two reasons to use Rufus against Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, first, Rufus is much faster and is much updated than its competition. Second, because of regular updates, Rufus provides many advanced capabilities to have better control of your bootable USB creation.

Now first, go to the website and download the latest version of Rufus from the download section on the website.

Create install USB downloading Windows 11 ISO

To use Rufus to create a Windows 11 USB installer, connect a USB drive with enough space, and then use these steps:

  • Once you downloaded Rufus, open it. Under the Device option, make sure the right USB is attached and selected.

  • Under the Boot selection drop-down menu, select Disk or ISO image.

  • Click Select and choose Windows 11 ISO image and the open it.

  • select MBR if your BIOS Mode is Legacy. If your BIOS Mode is UEFI select the GPT option under the Partition Scheme field.

  •  Click Start.

  • Select OK. Remember that all the USB file will be deleted. Wait for some minutes and let Rufus create Windows 11 bootable USB from ISO.

  • Once Windows 11 bootable USB process is completed, click Close.
This was the easiest method to make Windows 11 bootable USB drive in Windows using Rufus.

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