How To Fix Whatsapp Images Not Showing In Gallery | Android & iOS

 If you cannot find the WhatsApp images and videos on your phone’s gallery, maybe it is because of the media visibility in your WhatsApp. If it’s turned off, you can face issues like that. But, here is what you need to do-

Step 1- Open WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots

Step 2- Go to Settings and open Chats

Step 3– Find Media Visibility toggle and turn it on. This toggle option will turn on Media Visibility for all your WhatsApp contacts.

Step4- Now go to your phone’s gallery, you will find all the images.

Now, To turn off the media visibility of a particular contact, follow the below steps.

Step 5- Open the WhatsApp chat of the particular contact

Step 6- Click on Media Visibility and click on “Yes” to turn on the media visibility. But if you want to hide media from that particular contact, select “No” instead. 

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