how to install windows 11 step by step

Windows 11 is the next operating system that is about to conquer the hearts of many users because of the updates and changes to the operating system.

Now that Microsoft has started confirming that they or releasing Windows 10 on the 24th of June 2021, we need to figure out how we can install it on Virtual machines or on a computer.

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how to install windows 11 in PC

some minimum system requirements:

  • processer will be 1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores processer.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB storage or larger(many pc has 1 TB HDD).
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics will require.
  • (NB. that's windows official site document)

Any windows user can install this windows 11 insider in such few steps that are given below:

  • sign up and register for windows insider program to going setting >> goto update and setting >> click windows insider program >> select any one register and sign up (if you already register for it then click sign up).
  • the privacy statement and terms page will open then you just click submit button.
  • select dev channel from insider setting and click download and install.
  • your pc will ask to read the windows 11 insider program policy to install, read and click confirm.
  • when the installation will be done then restart your pc windows 11 update (trial version) will run on your pc.

how to install windows 11 in PC

how to install windows 11 in PC

Burn disc image

Click the Burn button. After the process is finished, close the Disc Image Burn tool.

Browse to the files on the USB drive or DVD and double-click the setup.exe file.

then click Install. Windows 11 runs the upgrade and then reboots. Sign in, and Windows 11 should be up and running.


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