Compress PDF Offline On Any Device

However, inevitably, there are instances where you may not have internet access or are not able to upload your files online. In such cases, you can switch over to the Smallpdf desktop app, readily available for installation and usage for your compression needs.

  • How do I compress a PDF offline?
  • First, download and install Smallpdf Desktop.
  • Open the app, click ‘Compress PDF’.
  • Drag your file into the toolbox, choose the output folder and click ‘Compress file’.

With Smallpdf, we take the file and scans it for repetitive data patterns. In turn, we replace this data with where unique identifiers - created by the software. With this method, we can significantly reduce the PDF size without affecting its quality, as the unique identifiers are much lighter in size. Doing so will allow you to cut down the amount of time spent on file uploads or cleaning out your storage.

Can I alter the compression rate?

We aim to maximize our formula and reduce your file size as much as we can, without affecting the font, format, color and so forth, but there is no option to compress your files at the moment further. In case the tool does not reduce the file size to a level that is usable for your needs, you could always use an online service such as WeTransfer for file sharing; they take up to 2GB per file!

Compress PDF Offline On Any Device

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