Best Convert Arabic voice to text for Android?

Arabic voice typing keyboard is simple application with user friendly interface. Using speech to text online you can send long texts to your friends with easy text copy option. In Arabic voice typing keyboard the text will appear after you stop speaking and it will take a while to convert your text but once it gets the regularity then it will convert the text instantly. Just talk and get text in return just like a magic. Using Arabic voice typing keyboard, you can share your text file with all the supported application on your phone. You can copy the text and send as a message/text form to your contacts.

Best Convert Arabic voice to text  for Android?

How to Use Arabic voice typing keyboard:

1. Open the Arabic voice typing keyboard.

2. Click on settings

3. Set Arabic voice keyboard as your default keyboard

4. Enable the Arabic voice keyboard

5. Click on Done

6. You are ready to use Arabic voice typing keyboard

Arabic Voice typing keyboard- Speech to text app

Speech to text- Arabic keyboard has easy features:

• Fast voice recognition

• Speech to text

• Simple and Elegant design

• Easy text sharing option

• Speech recognizer does not time out

• Saves a lot of time & effort

• Free to use


Arabic Voice Typing Features:

1. Arabic speech to text with elegant design

2. Copy Arabic text to clip board

3. Easy share option for voice typed text

4. FREE and unlimited Arabic voice to text converter

5. Simple Arabic voice keyboard with Arabic keypad

6. Suggestion for the next word, while typing by Arabic keypad

7. Easy Arabic input by voice or keypad

8. Stable and Quality assured keyboard

9. Speak and type Arabic

10. Fast voice typing

Arabic Voice typing – Speak & Type Arabic Keyboard

How Amharic voice keyboards works

1- After enabling go to messaging or any social media app where your default keyboard appears

2- You can see a red microphone above your keyboard

3- Click on that microphone and microphone turns green

4- When it is green you can start speaking in Amharic/Amharic

5- In return keyboard will type your voice

6- Click again on microphone after you done speaking

7- You can also type instead of speaking

Arabic Voice to text Keyboard - Speech to Text app

Voice Typing Keyboard All Languages Speech to Text

Easy all languages voice typing app allows you to type and save text by your voice in all languages of the world. With the amazing feature of this free app, you can convert any English or other language audio or speech into text. You can also save this text as speech note entry in the saved section of this app.

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