best app to buy cryptocurrency in india 2021

 Cryptocurrency has become the most hotly discussed topic in the circuit. Yes, it has been there for a few years now. But regulators have finally opened up the arena for companies to start their venture, and allow people to invest in cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more. Some of you like to mine their own Bitcoin using a PC but the market has options like a cryptocurrency exchange feature that works through an app on your smartphone. Here are the best online cryptocurrency exchange apps you can try out in India, what features they offer and if they charge you any fees for using the service.

1. WazirX – Bitcoin, Crypto Trading Exchange India

WazirX is the most famous crypto trading app in India. It rose to fame after Binance acquired WazirX and made it perfect for simple spot trading. You can buy more than 100 cryptocurrencies with support for UPI deposits instantly. The app has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use.

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2. Binance

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world and is the best app to buy cryptocurrencies in India. It is effortless to use and has a simple design that is well suited for beginners. You can buy and sell your crypto as well as view your trading history and crypto holdings. Functions like stop-limit, market order, and limit orders are available for more experienced traders.

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3. Zebpay

Another cryptocurrency exchange app that you might be familiar with is Zebpay. It’s one of the oldest crypto trading apps in the market. It lets you signup and full KYC details through your mobile number to start trading. The platform caters to the refer-and-earn feature. So if you manage to sell the idea of crypto trading via Zebpay to others, and they sign up you get 50 percent of the trading fees made through your links for one year. Minimum deposit amount using UPI is Rs 100, and for other forms of payments is Rs 1,000.

Download Zebpay on Android | iOS

4. Unocoin

Next up you have Unocoin, which is known for its simple user interface and support for many cryptocurrencies. When signing up for the app, a user has to create an account and make sure to fulfill all the KYC (Know Your Customer) details. The app also includes a schedule sale feature that lets you auto-sell from the profile tab. Unocoin users are charged a fee of 0.7 percent on buying and selling their assets, which is higher than what WazirX commands. This rate is applicable for minimum usage of 60 days. After that, the app asks charges a fee of 0.5 percent and upgrades you to Gold membership as well.

Download Unocoin on Android | iOS

5. CoinDCX Go: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency investment app

CoinSwitch Kuber was an ever-present ad feature during the IPL recently. This platform has got funding from popular investors and VC firms like Sequoia and more. It claims to let you trade in up to 100+ cryptos and promises the best trading rates in the market. Use your mobile number to create an account for trading on the app. But you cannot start trading before completing the KYC process, obviously.

Download CoinDCX on Android || iOS

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