How to use whatsapp in laptop windows 11 without phone

Most people use WhatsApp on laptop or PC because of various reasons. It will make you productive and typing is much faster on PC or laptop than on mobile. There may be other reasons too most people don’t know how to use Whatsapp on laptop.

First what you will need to do so

  1. Laptop /desktop (obviously ;) it should be connected to Internet.
  2. A browser (I will suggest Chrome or Firefox)
  3. Your smartphone with whatsapp installed activated. It must be connected to Internet.

Now let me tell you how you can do it.

  • Open this URL in your Laptop /PC browser WhatsApp
  • Now there will be bar code as shown below which you need to scan from whatsapp smartphone app.

  • Now open whatsapp on your smartphone and select whatsapp Web

Finally scan the Barcode and voila, the whatsapp will be running on your browser

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