How To Take Screenshot On Windows 11

For those that are completely new to tech, a screenshot is a still image of a particular window or area on your display. It is a way of capturing exactly what your screen is displaying so you can share or use it in the future.

Screenshots are a great way of sharing interesting pieces of information or funny pictures with your friends, forums, or the internet in general.

Windows + PrtScn: If you press both Windows and Print Screen keys simultaneously, then you will be able to save the entire screen as an image file. This file can be accessed from Pictures -> Screenshots.

Windows + PrtScn

 Windows + Shift + S: This key combination will dim the screen and the mouse cursor will change to a pointer. You just have to drag to choose a portion of the screen that you want to capture. This screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it into other programs such as Paint or Word.

 Windows + Shift + S

Type 'Snipping Tool' into Windows search

To open the application, simply type ‘Snipping Tool‘ into your Windows search and click the launch open from the menu.

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