How to Shutdown Computer with Keyboard Windows

Computer shutdown must be well known when used, and also the basic operation. Just press the Start menu and click the Shutdown command to turn off the computer. Besides turning off the traditional computer, many people also choose to turn off the computer with the keyboard.

The Windows keyboard shortcut in general and the shortcut to turn off the computer in particular will save time, as well as manipulate when working on a computer compared to traditional mouse shutdowns. The following article will guide you how to turn off your computer using a keyboard on Windows 10, 8.7.

1. Turn off the computer with a shortcut on Windows

The following method can be applied on almost all Windows versions, from Windows 7, 8 or used to shut down Windows 10 computers.

If the computer is opening the software or browser, or any other application, press Ctrl + D to return to the Desktop. Continue pressing Alt + F4 and press Enter to turn off the computer.

Alt + F4 

 2. Using another shortcut key combination:

You can use a particular combination of keys to shut down your PC. One such Combination that you can use to shut down your PC is –

Windows Key + X + U + U

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