How to remotely connect to any PC or device using AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a popular alternative to TeamViewer as the two applications share many of the same features, providing bi-directional remote access between personal computers. If you have installed AnyDesk both on your local computer and remote computer, run Anydesk as an administratorview on your remote computer and set password. You can now access your remote computer by entering the ID and password of the remote computer. Once you have accessed your remote computer, execute your screen recording program and start recording. Even if you're disconnected from the remote computer, you can keep recording your remote computer.

How to work with AnyDesk remote desktop app

In order to use AnyDesk to connect to a remote computer, you will need to take these steps

After you have installed AnyDesk on your computer, you will need to launch the app. A number of options will appear for you. In the section named “This Desk“, you can see your own ID. You will need to send this ID to the target computer as it is required for establishing the connection. Right under “This Desk”, you can see another field named “Remote Desk“. You will need to ask the target device’s ID and enter it in the blank box. After you are done with ID sharing part, just click on “Connect” to create the connection.

When you click on “Connect”, a window like the one in the photo will appear for your target person. The target person will need to check all the boxes to allow full access and then click on “Accept” to allow you to use AnyDesk to connect to the target device. Please note that if the target person clicks on “Dismiss“, the connection will be lost and you won’t be able to connect to the computer.

From this step on, you are able to use AnyDesk to perform tasks on the target device. Also, you can use the chat box on the right side of the window to talk to the target person. You can for example use this chat to notify them of the existing issues or ask them to do a certain command for you. At the end, you can click on “Disconnect” to end or stop the process.

By taking these simple steps, you can easily use AnyDesk to establish a remote connection with a computer. This was a simple AnyDesk tutorial for you and I hope you found it useful. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section.

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