how to hide and unhide folders in windows 7

This is another simple trick for novice Windows 7 users. Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 too comes with hide/show a file or folder option. Using this option, one can easily hide a file or folder in Windows Explorer.

Show or hide file or folders in Windows 7

The procedure to hide a file or folder is very straightforward.

  • Step 1. Right-click on the file/folder and select Properties.

  • Step 2. Enable the checkbox named Hidden and click Apply button to hide the file instantly.

  • If the file or folder still appears in the explorer, you need to follow four more simple steps:
  • # Open Windows explorer (open a folder).
  • # Click on Organize button and then select Folder and search options to launch Folder Options.
  • Step 3. In the Folder Options dialog-box, switch to View tab, and then locate the option named Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives.
  • Step 4. Select the option, and click Apply.
To view the same file/folder again, please follow our how to view a hidden file or folder in Windows 7 guide. It’s worth noting that anyone who has access to your PC can view the hidden files. If you really need to protect important files and folders, use the folder lockers for Windows.

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