How to Change Power Mode on Windows 11

 If you’re wondering how to increase the performance of your Windows 11 PC, you may already know one way: Use the Windows power-performance slider. But in Windows 11, Microsoft has hidden it. We’ll show you where.

Microsoft offers you an easy way to boost performance in Windows 10, as our previous article notes. On the Windows taskbar, clicking the battery icon opens what we know as the power slider, where you can trade lower performance for extended battery life.

How to Change Power Mode on Windows 11

For privacy reasons, Microsoft decided not to enable this feature by default. To enable the Clipboard History on Windows 10:

Open Windows Settings

First, Go to Start and open the Settings app from the Start Menu (or by using Win + I short key).

Go to “System” and “Power & battery

From here, click the drop-down menu next to the Power mode setting, choose a power mode as your desired.

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