Windows 11 First Impressions

Last week, Microsoft announced an event coming on June 24th, to unveil "the next generation of Windows." Then yesterday the curtains were pulled back a bit as a build of Windows 11 (and yes, that's the name, all the hints were spot on) was leaked online. Like many of you around the world, some of us here at installed the latest version of Windows, here's some first impressions:

The Start menu will be familiar to anyone who was paying attention to Windows 10X, and as I had conjectured before, it looks fresh and new in “Big” Windows too.

Note that live tiles are gone, which is perhaps overdue. And that when you select the “All apps” link, you get something very similar to the All apps view in the Windows 10 Start menu.

As noted, window corners are rounded. This effect is mostly OK, but it will take some getting used to.

Some windows look better than others. File Explorer is … a bit busy.

On the taskbar, you’ll see some new icons, including Search, which is at least familiar, and Widgets (!), which, when selected, displays a new version of the news and interests feed, it looks like.

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