How to Translate a Web Page in Google Chrome

The web is made up of terrific content from all over the world and sometimes the content you want to read is written in a different language. Thankfully, Google Chrome has built-in support for the Google Translate service, which will automatically translate the page into a language of your choice.

If you visit a website with Google Chrome and it is written in a different language, the browser will automatically display a prompt asking if you wish to translate the page into your default language as shown below.

If the Translate prompt does not appear when visiting a foreign site, you can cause it to display by clicking on the Translate icon button in the Chrome address bar as shown below.

Selecting the language you wish to translate to

By default, Google Chrome will translate a web page to the default language configured in your operating system.

This page can be accessed by clicking on the Options (chosse another language)button in the 'Translate this page' dialog as shown below.

When you click on the Options (chosse another language)button button, you should then select Change languages to be brought to a page where you can select the language of the page and what you would like to translate it to.

When ready, click on the Translate button and the page will be translated from and to the configured languages.

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