Graphics Card Not Detected? Here’s The Fix

Like every old graphics card, it’s possible that you might get some problems in your computer’s graphic and it can be anything, like no display on the screen, getting lines on your display or maybe all the other display-related issues.

The reason why your graphics card is doing is that is because;

The solder joint of GPU Chip did lose some of its connections from their actual space (mainly on the printed circuit board). Yes, that happens a lot with old GPUs, due to overuse of a card for a long time or having a bad moistures environment lifespan.

The main thing is, graphics cards are so expensive and something it’s kind of hard to bear it when we already running on a low budget.

Note 1: If your Graphics Card is still in under warranty, then according to me, I don’t think you should try to do anything on your own. Just remove the card from the computer and give it to the manufacturer’s service center or maybe you can also try to call the manufacturer’s customer care for all the extra support.

Note 2: There is no guarantee that you can fix your card perfectly, but this tutorial does works 90% for all time.

Reinstall The GPU Driver

Sometimes the ‘Graphics card not detected’ error will occur upon the installation of new drivers when something goes awry. Be it a faulty driver on its own or new drivers’ incompatibility with another component inside the PC, the options are too numerous to name.

It may be a little cheeky to claim that those are squarely the manufacturer’s fault. More often than not, the user makes a mistake in downloading the wrong driver. In that case, you want to carefully examine the GPU model you have and download the proper driver while removing the previous mistakenly installed one.

How to Fix a Graphics Card?

  • Clean the old and dry thermal paste whit rubbing alcohol OR borrow your special ones nail polish removal.
  • Use a cotton swab and cotton cloth if possible. Toilet paper works fine too.
  • Clean the chip until the markings are clear from the thermal paste.
  • Also clean the heat sink.

  • Get The Card Ready: After when your card cools down, put the new thermal paste on the GPU chip and then screw back it’s Fan & Heat Sink.


  • Testing: At last, now it’s time to the test your Graphic Card is working properly or not.
  • Note: In case, if your graphics card is still not working then you can also try to repeat this process again, and this time you might need to increase the heating time for 2 more minutes at 250 degrees Celsius.

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