Is It Safe To Delete Files From Windows\Installer Folder In Windows 10?

If you are reading this article, chances are, you want to delete the huge Windows\Installer directory, but not sure if it’s safe to delete it.

The Installer folder located in C:\Windows is a hidden system folder and can’t be seen without configuring the File Explorer to show protected operating system files and hidden files/folders. Depending on the number of programs installed on your PC, the Windows\Installer folder might consume a few MBs to GBs of disk space.

Why is Windows\Installer folder used?

Windows 10 uses the Windows\Installer folder to cache installer data files (.msi) and patch files (.msp) for applications that rely on Windows Installer service. The size of the folder depends on the number of applications installed on your PC that use the Windows Installer service.

Is it safe to delete files from the Windows\Installer folder?

No. One should not delete files from the Windows\Installer directory as these files are required to repair, update and uninstall applications. That said, it’s safe to delete orphaned files (scroll down to see how to delete them).

What happens if you delete files from the Windows\Installer folder?

If you delete files from the Windows\Installer directory, you might get an error when you try to update, repair, or uninstall programs whose installer files you have deleted. Because of the error, you might not be able to completely uninstall some programs.

Meanwhile, if you were looking to free up some disk space by deleting files from Windows\Installer directory, refer to our 20 ways to free up disk space in Windows 10 article for the safe ways to regain the lost disk space in Windows 10.

How to delete orphaned files from Windows\Installer?

WARNING: We recommend you use this program only after backing up files from the Windows\Installer folder. We are not responsible for any issues you might encounter after deleting files from the Windows\Installer folder.

PatchCleaner is a free utility designed to help you safely delete orphaned files from the Windows\Installer directory. It helps you delete installers and patch files left behind by programs.

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