How To Show Program Name On Windows 10 Taskbar | windows 10 taskbar icons names

People who are using computers for a protracted time can easily recognize programs by watching program icons. However, users who started using computers within the recent past might find it hard to acknowledge programs on the Windows 10 taskbar by viewing their icons.

With default settings, Windows 10 doesn't display program or application names on the taskbar. Sure, one can always perform a right-click on a program icon on the taskbar to understand the program’s name, but most users won't like this arrangement. plenty of users prefer seeing app names on the taskbar together with app icons.

If you would like to see program names on the taskbar for easy recognition, there is an option in the taskbar settings to force the taskbar to show application names.

This guide will see how to configure the Windows 10 taskbar to show application names along with their icons.

Display application names on Windows 10 taskbar

Step 1: Open the Settings app. Go to Personalization > Taskbar page.

Step 2: Scroll down the page to see the Combine taskbar buttons drop-down menu. With default settings, Always, hide labels option is selected.

If you want to see program names, select the Never option. Choosing the When the taskbar is full option will show only program icons and not names only when the taskbar is full (when the taskbar runs out of free space to display program names).

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