how to add chrome extensions vpn

This article explains how to add Chrome extensions. Instructions apply to only the desktop version of Chrome.These days browsers are more than just a tool that allows us to browse the web. Thanks to extensions, it has transformed browsers into a more powerful and productive tool than ever, where it can be used to help manage passwords, save articles for offline reading, blocking ads, and so on.

If you’re a Chrome user and would like to learn how to manage your extensions, then read on as this guide will help you learn how to manage your browser’s extensions, whether it be adding extensions, deleting them, learning more about them, and so on.

How to Install Official Chrome Extensions

  • To add extensions to Chrome, head on over to the Chrome Web Store where you’ll be able to find all sorts of extensions that are currently available.

  • Search for the extension you want and click on it to go to its page
  • On its page, click the button to the right that says Add to Chrome

  • You will then get a confirmation popup that asks if you’re sure. If you are, click Add extension, if not click Cancel
  • Once the extension is successfully installed, you’ll get a notification to the right corner of Chrome

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