Best settings for pubg mobile | Best graphics settings for pubg mobile

Like for its PC version, a competitive scene emerged for mobile users, and players started climbing up the ladders of the game’s ranked mode. Skills and a strong will to improve play a vital role in getting better at PUBG Mobile, but you’ll also need to make sure you’re playing under perfect circumstances.

This means that making sure you’re getting the most frames-per-second (FPS) can make the difference between getting a chicken dinner or settling for second place. Aside from graphical options, you can try out and enable quality-of-life features, each aiming to improve your overall gameplay experience.

Best settings for pubg mobile | Best graphics settings for pubg mobile

Though it’s better for each PUBG Mobile player to develop their own control schemes and set the settings that fit their playstyle the best, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a head start by jumping into the action with optimized settings. The following settings can be considered as the best for most of the player base, but there will still be room for improvement to make them right just for you. We recommend jumping into the practice mode after applying the following settings to get a feel of them before queueing up for a game.

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Basic Settings

In the game’s settings section, the first part is Basic settings. In this part, you will have the primary settings of the game like ‘Aim Assist’, ‘Firing modes’, ‘peek & fire’, ‘gyroscope’ and other kinds of stuff. You can adjust those settings according to your choice.

Graphics Settings

Graphics settings are one of the most important settings of the game. In graphics settings, you can adjust the ‘Picture Quality’, ‘Frame Rate or FPS (Frame per second)‘, ‘Texture style‘, and ‘In-game brightness’ etc. Here is a graphic setting for example.

The main graphics should always be at the ‘Smooth’ level, it will help you to spot the enemy easily and you will have less lag gameplay.

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