best sensitivity settings for pubg mobile no recoil 2020 with gyroscope

 PUBG Mobile is one of the most addictive BR games developed by the PUBG Corporation and published by Tencent Games. The game is insanely popular and has millions of active users worldwide. It features tons of exciting features and requires a lot of skills along with adjusting the sensitivity settings. So, we take you through a list of PUBG sensitivity settings and the best proportions which will help increase the number of kills.

A good way to understand the best sensitivity ratios in PUBG Mobile is by going to the training room, tweaking the settings and checking the result. You need to go to settings and select sensitivity to be able to make changes in Camera Sensitivity, Camera, ADS Sensitivity and the Gyroscope. However, you should note that the settings mentioned below are best suited for Assault Rifles only.

PUBG sensitivity settings for mobile

Camera Sensitivity

This is based on the player’s look-around view. Making any adjustments in the camera sensitivity will make changes to how fast or slow the player looks around in the game. The default sensitivity of the TPP and FPP camera is ideal. Check out the values here:

  • Camera: 95 - 100%
  • TPP: 95 - 100%
  • FPP: 70 - 75%


Making changes to a camera’s sensitivity values results in a change to the player's sensitivity while looking around at the time of scoping in. The best way to gauge the sensitivity would be this: the higher the scope, the lower the sensitivity. This works because aiming accurately with the help scopes with higher capacities requires less movement as players generally aim somewhere near their targets. Check out the best values:

ADS Sensitivity

ADS stands for Aim Down Sight. Make adjustments to the ADS sensitivity determines the amount of control a user has over recoil while firing shots. So when you change the ADS sensitivity, it does not change the sensitivity of a player looking around, but it affects the movement of guns at the time of scoping in and firing. Making changes to the ADS sensitivity helps adjust recoil to assist players with closing in on their targets at a higher speed. Check out the best ADS sensitivity settings here:


The Gyroscope helps keep a track of movements of a device before converting it into motion. Making adjustments to Gyroscope's sensitivity in PUBG Mobile determines the speed at which the game tracks movements to change the orientation of a screen. Check out the best sensitivity settings for Gyroscope in the game:

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