Tekken Tag Tournament For Android Apk Mame Rom Download

 Hello Everyone, welcome again to this site where you get all amazing fighting games for Android. Today I am introducing Tekken Tag tournament and yes I know many of you may have heard this and even play this game before but never on your Android. Isn't it? You have played this game on a game shop by paying token money and may be still you are going there to pay token fee before play. So I will provide you the same game which you can easily play on Android. The size is only 58mb, easily affordable size. And you need a Mame Emulator to run tekken tag tournament on Android.

About Game

Tekken Tag Tournament is a Tekken series game developed and released by Namco Bandai entertainment in 1999 on arcade version then later in 2000 on PlayStation 2 with advanced graphics. I am showing you the Arcade version of Tekken Tag because Ps2 Tekken can't be played on Android till now.

This game comes with a set of Cheats so you can easily unlock all characters. But you have to activate the cheats first by clicking on [ Options>Settings>Emulation>Cheats ]. Now check the Cheats and it will be activated. Now press coins and start together to access cheats features.

Characters - this game contains 32 characters with immense combos and fighting tactics.

Combos - Every single character has his own unique fighting skills and an ultimate move to finish out the game instantly.

Boss Battle - The name of boss is Unknown and she is very hard to beat and it is like an adventure to defeat her.

Game Information

  • Name - Tekken Tag Tournament (Tektagt.zip)
  • Version - Arcade
  • Platform - Mame ( Android )
  • Game Size - 57.71MB
  • Mame Emulator Size - 38MB
  • Offline - Yes

How to Install

  • Download Mame Emulator
  • Install the Emulator and open and click on default Rom path.
  • Download Tekken Tag Zip file.
  • Now move Tekken Tag Zip in Mame> Rooms folder
  • Then again open the Emulator and game will be on screen
  • Click on the game and start play.


You have to wait 15 seconds.,

Download Timer

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