PUBG Mobile: How to fix 'mic not working issue

 PUBG Mobile is the fastest-growing title among mobile games, and has garnered over 500 million downloads since its release. The game has various maps and modes to explore, and each of them possesses unique features, which provides a distinctive experience to users. Furthermore, you can also play with friends, and can communicate through the in-built voice chat feature.

As PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game, everyone faces various bugs and glitches during gameplay. Whether it's an FPS drop or a stutter issue, these bugs and glitches are undoubtedly the most annoying. Amidst all of these issues, some players also face an issue where their microphone doesn't work properly.

For those who are unaware, a mic is necessary as it catches your voice and sends it over to your teammates. There are several reasons behind the non-functionality of mics in PUBG Mobile, and this article will help you explore fixes to these issues.

Best methods to fix mic issue in PUBG Mobile

1. Check and replace your headphonesImage only for representation

A typical reason behind mic glitch in PUBG Mobile is due to damaged headphones or earphones. In this case, cable damage or internal damage might also cause the issue of your mic not working while playing. To counter this, try to use the same headphones in another device and verify its functionality. If it gives the same problem in the other phone as well, then consider replacing it with new ones.

2. Turn on the mic from the in-game settingsTurn on PUBG Mobile mic

Turn on PUBG Mobile mic

When the mic is not functioning properly, it does not always mean that it has an issue. Sometimes, the player mistakenly turns off the mic option from the game settings. This prohibits the device from recording your voice, causing in-game communication issues. To resolve this, look for the microphone button located near the minimap (top right side of the screen) and turn it on. Also, make sure that the microphone volume is set to high by visiting the audio settings of PUBG Mobile.

3. Permit PUBG Mobile to record audioPermission option

Permission option

Allowing PUBG Mobile to record audio through a microphone is necessary before playing. Check if the permission is enabled in your device. To do so, visit settings>>application management>>PUBG Mobile>>permissions. Find the microphone option in the list and enable it.

4. Restart the gameReboot your game

Reboot your game

If you have tested every step mentioned above, then it's probably a bug or glitch that is causing the microphone to not work. To resolve this, restart the PUBG Mobile application and re-login to your account. Most of the times, a reboot of the application fixes temporary bugs, including mic issues.

Lastly, if none of the above methods work, contact the PUBG Mobile customer support team and explain your problem.

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