I have bought a gamepad from which says it supports vibration. But, The time I have connect it to my PC and start playing the game, it doesn’t vibrate. I have also installed the driver from the disk came with the gamepad but didn’t work too. Later, I have found a solution for this and I am going to share with you all in this post and this trick will work on all the gamepads available which support vibration. Using this trick you can also check whether your all gamepad buttons are functioning properly or not.

To enable vibration in your gamepad, follow this steps:

Step 1: Download a speedlink strike software and extract it This software is compatible with all the OS, win 7, 8 and 10.

Click here to download: speedlink strike gamepad free download

Step 2: Double-click the setup.

Step 3: Click on Driver to install the software.

how to enable vibration in gamepad.

Step 4: Click on Next

Step 5: Finish and Exit.

Step 6: Go to search in your taskbar and search for Set up USB game controller and open it.

Step 7: You will find, SPEEDLINK STRIKE gamepad controller driver has been successfully installed.

Step 8: Click on Properties.

how to enable vibration in gamepad.

Step 9: Here you can test your gamepad buttons whether is functioning properly or not.

how to test your gamepad vibration

Step 10: Click on Effect Page.

Step 11: Now, move your analog button to test whether your gamepad is vibrating or not.

Step 12: Hureeyyyy, it’s all done. Now you are ready to play and your gamepad will start vibrating in all the games which supports vibration.

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