Omegle Video Android: Alternatives on Play Store

Would you like to talk to strangers with video on your smartphone? You can find information on Omegle video for on Android devices and alternatives of Omegle on this page. We are going to tell you how to get Omegle video for Android in this page. Now you will also video talk with strangers on your Android operating system with Puffin Browser. You can also still use some applications which is similar to Omegle Video. Some of them are random chat and some of them are not… You can get the Play Store download link of Puffin browser at the following paragraph. Please scroll down for alternative applications.


How Does Omegle Video Work on Android

This how you will make things work on Android devices.

How to make Omegle Video work on Android:

Please see the picture guide below:

1-) Run Puffin Browser on Android Device.

2-) Visit the main page of Omegle and click on three dot menu of Puffin.

Omegle Video for Android - Puffin Browser Step 2

3-) Enable Request Desktop Site.

Omegle Video for Android - Puffin Browser Step 3 Enable Desktop Request

4-) Watch the ads if you don’t have Puffin pro. It is just one time. Don’t interrupt it.

5-) Click on Video Chat.

Omegle Video for Android - Puffin Browser Step 4 Click on Video Chat

6-) Finally begin to talk to strangers in camera.


You can find all detailed information below and alternatives!

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