How to download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 BETA on your Android and iOS |Erangel 2.0

The PUBG Mobile 1.0 beta update goes to release soon, and therefore the developers have officially announced the discharge of the Erangel 2.0 map, which is that the revamped version of the classic Erangel map. However, The map was announced in 2019 by PUBG Mobile, and also, the players are eagerly expecting it to arrive.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 BETA on your Android and iOS |Erangel 2.0

Although Many users are eagerly waiting for the PUBG 1.0.0 beta version because it contains many new items, skins, features, and many more. Although, the enjoyment level of the beta version is different from the normal gameplay. So, the players are heartily waiting. And now, the wait is over because, finally, the players are ready to play it within the next update. Here is that the official announcement made by PUBG Mobile confirming the discharge of Erangel 2.0 within the upcoming update.

As we know, the Erangel map is coming out in the update. If we talk about the map, it contains the landscape, buildings, and map structure that are redesigned entirely, and therefore the overall gaming experience also will be improved for players. However, the PUBG available have currently the download link for Android users only. So, iOS users have to wait a little more. Meanwhile, it is very helpful news for those who are android users and also a PUBG lover.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 BETA

The 1.0.0 beta version is now available for download on Android and can soon be available also on iOS. One amongst the most changes is that the introduction of Erangel 2.0! Please be at liberty to check it and supply your feedback in #feedback-bugs. And, here are the links below to download the PUBG mobile 1.0.0 Beta version.

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