Google Camera APK from Google Pixel 4 Free Download

The new and updated Google Camera 5.1 APK is now available for download on Android devices. This is the same Google Camera app that ships with the Google Pixel 2 phones. Camera 5.1 app brings a few new features that are exclusive to the Google Pixel 2 phones, however, you can still download and install this app on your existing devices to see how what is new in it. As per several reports, AR stickers and Motion Photos are not included in this app.

Google Camera 5.1 APK has been pulled out from these new Google phones. You can install this APK on your older Nexus phones, Pixel devices or any other OEM-based phones. In this update, there are some minor UI changes throughout the app. Daily users of the Google Camera app will notice them. This app also includes improved and better auto-focus and auto-exposure lock, which makes the overall experience more intuitive.

We just covered the Pixel 2 Launcher APK for any Android device, and we are now glad to have the updated Google Camera 5.1 APK as well from the Google Pixel 2 phones. This APK has been tested on our Nexus 6P and it works perfect. For a quick overview of the Google Camera app, you can see the screenshots below.

Download Google Camera 5.1 APK

The following is the APK file that you need to download on your phone to install Google Camera  APK.
File: Google-Camera-Pixel.apk
Size: 36MB
After you download it, install it like any other APK. If you are installing this APK file for the very first time, you will have to allow “Install from Unknown Sources” option in Settings. Continue reading below on instructions on how to install an APK manually on your phone.

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