How to Use Admob Banners Ads in Blogger or Website | New Admob Earning Script

Friends if you really want to earn money online and want to show admob ads on blogger. Kindly read this post carefully.

First of all you have to create your admob account. After that you have to wait atleast 24 hours for getting approved on admob. Admob gives you approval without any requirement. So don’t wait and go now for sign up in admob account.

After getting approved on admob you have to create website on blogger. If you already did it move for next step. Create simple website on blogger or else wordpress. This trick is working on both very well.

After creating website you have to download HTML script for showing ads on website. So download it on links given below. Also open this script only on notepad++ application. Don’t open anywhere else because for use script on right way.

Admob banner 

Now you have to create admob banner ad units. For this you have to choose banner ads on admob account for your first android app. After creating banner ad units note the ad unit code on notepad or anywhere else.

AdMob is one of the methods that mobile app owners use to earn money recently. AdMob enables you to earn money by showing ads in an app. AdMob, a Google production, creates an opportunity to earn money from both Android and iOS platforms.

Download Script Here:

You have to wait 15 seconds.

Download Timer

Risk Of Disabling Account

Friends if you use this trick you have to risk for disabling your admob account with adsense account. So use this trick on your risk only. Don’t give us blame for it. You have 50% chance for account disabling.

Also note ads shown only on mobile devices. Don’t give you impression on Desktop mode. Also if you create android app ad units so ads don’t come on iphone device


App-Filtering Option

With AdMob, everything is under app owner’s control. Therefore, with specific filters, you can determine the advertisement categories that you will use. Also, you can decide when and where the ad will appear. For example, among the general categories, you can filter out categories such as real estate or vehicles that are not related to your app. This way, your user won’t be distracted by other categories.

DOWNLOAD The Script And Place Your Ads And Use It for yourself.BY Useing This Script You Can Show Admob Ads On Your Website or Blogger.I Hope You Like This. IF like so Follow Me On FaceBoook. 

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