How to Start Blogging in 2020 | Free Step By Step Guide

Before you Start:

You need to note a few of the points before starting:

  1. Blogging needs an investment of $60-$70 for the domain, hosting, SSL Certificate. It may sound a big amount right now but we are focusing on earning potential here.
  2. Though all the steps can be completed on your smartphone. But I strongly recommend viewing this in Laptop and follow the steps.

So let’s start with steps:

Step 1: Pick a Blog Name

Almost every industry has 100s of bloggers. You can start by writing whatever you like and then place the link as per your niche. But, in 2020 things have become really competitive and with more free information available online, it is difficult to get money by writing what you like.

Now, to gain success in blogging in 2020, we need to follow the strategy which works. To begin with, I suggest you start with something less competitive. For example, Mobile Reviews isn’t gonna work now as it used to work in 2010 but if someone would have written about Corona Virus on 15th January 2020 (When we first heard about it), he/she would have earned a lot more than the people struggling with Mobile Review Blogs.

Now coming back to the Step, a good blog name must be descriptive, people should understand what is the blog about just with the name.

If you’re writing about a specific topic. Let’s say cooking, you must add it to your blog name. You can also use related words like foods, recipes, meals in your blog name. Even this will give readers a fair idea that the blog is about food.

If you’re starting with a personal blog with your own hobby which is all about you, you can add your name too. For example, Nikhil Recipes or Make Money with Nikhil.

Or, you can start with something random like this one “Buynimo” which will help you to diversify your content. I bought this domain for my small eCommerce store but ended up making it one of my blogs about money.

Once you’ve decided on the blog name, we have to check if the domain name is available. You have to decide on the extension as well. Although .com is preferred. But, it really doesn’t make a lot of difference. You can try with .net .org too. Check with your blog name with .com extension first and see it if it is available. You can check here by writing your blog name without spaces and selecting the domain extension:

I found that both, as well as, are available. In case, your desired domain name isn’t available, you can add a dash or tweak the name by adding small words like my, the or a. For Example or

Step 2: Make your Blog Online

Here, you may come across some of the terms which you will find difficult to understand. But don’t worry I will be sharing screenshots and steps on how to do it.

Now that we have decided on the Blog Name and Domain name, we need a space where we can store our data in internet terms it is called Hosting. Basically, in real estate terms, a domain name is just a nameplate of your house. Whereas, Hosting is your house where you live.

Now, all we need is Hosting and a content management system (CMS) and the best part is they come together.

For hosting, I strongly recommend BlueHost to all the new bloggers for the following reasons:

  1. Free Domain Name: Generally we buy the domain and hosting separately. But BlueHost gives domain name FREE along with the hosting. Making it sure that nobody else use your domain.
  2. It comes with free and simple WordPress Installation. (WordPress is one of the best content management systems for Blogging).
  3. They have been recommended by WordPress since 2005 and currently host 4+ Million Blogs and Websites.
  4. They have 24X7 Customer Support Service via webchat and phone.
  5. They have a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service.
  6. Free SSL. Unlike Godaddy and other Hosting Providers, BlueHost gives a free SSL certificate. Which means when people visit your blog, they will see a secure sign which will increase the trust on your website.

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