how to create a whatsapp link

WhatsApp recently rolled out a new Status feature which is similar to that of Snapchat Stories. We also told you that WhatsApp is working on a feature called ‘Tagline’ which will bring back the old text based status feature with improved privacy settings. Well, WhatsApp is also working on a feature called ‘Click to Chat’ which lets you chat with a person without saving the number.

With this feature, you can create a link to chat with a person without having to save his/her WhatsApp number on your smartphone. You can immediately start chatting with a person by clicking on the link. This not only works on your smartphone, but also works with WhatsApp Web.
You can create three different types of links. One link (refer first image) lets you directly jump to the chat in WhatsApp and send whatever message you want. Second link (refer second image) lets you send a pre-defined message to a pre-defined number on WhatsApp. Talking about the third link (refer third image), it lets you send a pre-defined message to any of your WhatsApp contacts.

Following is the link structure:

We are not sure how exactly is this going to be useful to the users. Maybe it can be useful to businesses, making it easier for their customers to send them messages by just clicking on a link.

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