Tips To Identify Fake Accounts On Facebook

Billions of users use Facebook to connect with their friends, relatives. Nowadays it is more common to create fake accounts using girls name or any other names. Fake accounts are made intentionally to tease, blackmail friends/Unknown person or it may be for spamming/hacking purpose too! You may have suffered from this and you may be tried and failed to find the fake accounts on Facebook then here are some Tips to find out Fake Facebook Profiles.

To identify Fake Accounts on Facebook you must consider following things.

1. Profile Pictures:-

The first thing that you’ve to do is Check their Profile Picture. But Around 50% users don’t want to put their own picture as a profile. You can easily check that the Profile picture is Downloaded from the Internet or its real click by the help of Google. All you need to do is Save the Profile picture to your Desktop and then Open Google then Drag that profile picture to Google search Bar. After upload, Google will give you related results of that photo. So you can easily identify that the photo is downloaded or real one.
2. Profile and Timeline:-

Most of the Fake accounts are created with the Gender Female but it doesn’t mean all Female accounts are Fake. Check their About section in profile which gives more information about that person. If it is not showing anything then it is clear indication of Fake Profile. Also check Recent Updates of that profile like Update of Status, Photo, Videos or Shared Images/Videos. If it is zero then it is one of the indications of  Fake account. Check their “Photos” tab and if they have only 1 to 2 pics of random celebrities then that account is most likely fake. Moreover, Most of the Fake accounts Always have a Single Image. Check the Comments and Replies on their photos because real girls replies to comments of men are very less and moreover they like to reply to the Friends who know them. If photos contain Reply to all Comments of men then it is most probably fake account!
3. Check their Friend List:-

Must review their friend list and verify how many Friends they have and How many of them are Girls and Boys. Fake profiles have a number of Male Friends than Female. So you can easily find them. Check their friends are from Local or Global. If they have a number of local friends who are nearer to their location then it is likely to be Real Profile.
4. Contact Number/Email:-

Most of the girls don’t show their Mobile Numbers in Profile and with unknown friends. So if you can see Contact Number on profile then it must be a Fake Account.
5. When they joined Facebook?

Analyze when he/she joined Facebook by checking their all updates of status, photos, shares, videos etc. And also if they have a number of friends in short time of Joining then its likely fake one!
How to Report Fake Accounts to Facebook?

If you have a Facebook account and want to report someone that’s pretending to be you or someone you know then Follow below steps to report.
– Go to the profile of the impersonating account

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