How To Get Pixel 2 Portrait Mode On Other Android Devices?

When the Google’s pixel 2 was launched, it created lots of buzz with new portrait mode option in its camera. It had only a single camera that has the dual pixel technology. Lots of smartphones launched after Pixel 2, with a portrait mode but the Pixel 2’s portrait mode remains the best portrait mode phone among all the other portrait mode smartphones.

Nowadays, every new dual camera phones coming with a portrait mode, which gives the DSLR look to the photos taken by blurring the background of the photo. Portrait mode is a function that is used to take photos of a single subject mainly where the camera automatically uses a large aperture to help to keep out of focus by using a narrow depth of field.
If you are in love with your friend’s pixel 2 portrait mode, you are in right place. Today we are going to explain how to get portrait mode on any android device.

How to Get Pixel 2 Portrait Mode on Other Android Devices?

  1. You need to download an apk called Camera NX V7.3 mod
  2. After downloading the camera from the above link, install the app in your device
  3. Open the installed apk and Grant all the permission it requires
  4. Now launch the Camera NX app and click on menu button situated at the top left corner
  5. Click on “Portrait” option
  6. That’s all! Now take your pictures using the portrait mode on your device!
Camera NX is the Modded app created by XDA’s senior member Charles Chow, by adding all the options which are included in the Google Pixel 2’s camera. This Camera NX mod works in Non-Google devices which are running on the Android version Oreo 8.0 and above.

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