How to free google adsense Tricks

First and foremost – read carefully before registration rules for participation in the Google AdSense (even better than 2-fold). Memorize them and never break. For violation of the rules of the administration of the program has the right to ban your account forever. So if in doubt about something – better once again look at the rules.

2. Note the link unit. It consists of a block of a given size to sponsored links. These links are similar in theme to your website, so should cause interest of visitors. If you correctly place a block on the page (you can place no more than 1 unit per 1 page), it is sure to bring you additional income.

3. In no case can not click on your own ads and asking friends to do it. These actions are prohibited by the rules of the program. AdSense has the tools to fix such actions. This may lead at least to the fact that these clicks will not be counted, and a maximum (in the case of repeated violations) to close the account without payment of earned and without the right of recovery.

4. It is forbidden to call to click on the ads, you have to use labels such as “Click here!” “Everyone clicked – gift”, etc., as well as various graphic elements whose aim is to attract the attention of visitors to the ads: pointers and arrows etc.

5. Account registering for one site, you can use it to host an unlimited number of ads on its own sites. And those other sites moderators AdSense will not be viewed. You will simply generate the code and paste it on your other sites. The code for all sites overall.

6. Use custom URL-channels and to create code for your AdSense. Channels allow you to track which pages ads more often, and how visitors click through the channels more.

7. Place the different versions of AdSense ad units on the page (horizontal, vertical, square) and compare the results. Over time, you can define what options blocks have the highest click through to the site. Hence, the increase in profits.

8. On the same page can be placed not more than 3 ad units.

9. In order to increase profits, try to increase traffic to your site. Because the number of moves will directly depend on the number of visitors to your site. Well, the more clicks the more you can earn.

10. Do not select the ads Google AdSense or the scope or the background color (this is configurable in your account when you generate the code for the ads). Let them look like part of your site and not the ad unit. Then, your users will click on the ads, because quite a few annoying hype.

11. At present, the only way of getting money from AdSense for inhabitants of the CIS is a check once a month which is sent to the address that was provided during registration. A check will be sent only to those who earned $ 100 a month (or more). Otherwise, the amount collected and transferred to the next month). The check can be cashed at any major bank (in this case you will be charged a commission, and will have to wait 1 to 3 months). This operation is called a collection. However, AdSense is testing a new, more convenient ways to pay and in the near future they will be available to all residents of the CIS. And there are convenient online services. Search taxis 🙂

12. For best results, we recommend you to experiment and compare the results. So you can achieve greater profits to 40%.

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